Cardboardia Creative Council
Creative hub in Moscow and Riga

We are opening two new spaces in Moscow and in Riga, two creative hubs, to implement Culture of Cardboardia in different countries. We give an opportunity to those who want to make a creative project, joint or his own and become Personage of Cardboardia.
We will also make educative programs in the framework of Cardboardia Creative Council lectures, workshops etc.
If you want to join: participate in our programs or make your own program, please, fill the form or contact us.

Who can use it?
First of all designers, decorators, producers, artists, actors, and performers working in different genres
How it can be used?
Create art objects and props, make rehearsals, team meetings , make photo and video shooting etc.
Rent is possible from 1 day up to 1 month
What do we have?
Places in Moscow and Riga. in factory areas
Educative programs and Cardboardia workshops
Community of artists and designers.
How to book it?
Please, fill the application form or contact us. When requesting, keep in mind that the space may already be taken by other projects.
At this step, we want to understand how to organise and equip the territory of the Concil, so that it will be comfortable for everyone in the future to use the space.
We look forward to your participation in drafting and sharing rules and planning.
Basing on the given recommendations, we are planning to upgrade the Council space in Moscow at the beginning of 2019.

Now the price is based on the capabilities of the project.
Cardboardia Council in Moscow/Riga
Located in factory area
Easily accessible by car or public transport
The size of the "working" area is approximately 90 m², on a total space about 200 m²
You can use only one corner or the whole space.

Access to cardboard and tools
We buy cardboard some tools and materials for our needs and you can redeem what you need for your project right in place.

If you have some ideas how to develop Cardboardia Creative Council
please fill the form
(Conditions are almost the same for Moscow and Riga)
Area :
200 m²
Celling height - 5,5 m
height of the door- 2,5 m
24-hours access, needed to be agreed.
- Free public parking close to the Building.

- On the territory (directly to the doors of the freight elevator)
Freight elevator:
Elevator dimensions Depth * Width * Height: 1.9 * 3 * 2.2 m.T
here are trolleys for transportation of objects and materials
By request it is possible to use a hydraulic trolley, if you need to bring something very heavy
Plugs 220 V. Power tools can be used (drill, jigsaw, etc.).
If you need to use more than 2 kW needs to be further discussed
"Living" conditions:
Access to technical water and WC
Wi-fi connection
Central heating (in Moscow)
A cafe and a shop near the Council Building
Where the Council is?
Avtomotornaya st., 1/3
    Pāles iela 14
    +7 968 942 69 95 (W/App, Telegram)