Official Cardboardia Orchestra

Performing art project on a festival with procession and workshop.
Original show that erases the borders between spectators and performers, help people to find and express their creativity in unusual conditions.
The performance is highly interactive and we include audience in all stages of performance.
Project components
Performing Act
Performance can be outdoor and indoor. Can start with workshop and end up with procession. Usually it forms of 1 to 2 hours set that we can repeat. 2-4 times a day. We come with all the necessary costumes and props and perform on your event. Cardboardia team is from 5 to 10 people.
Integrating local communities. We can organize two workshops for local community in 1-2 weeks in advance. First one to create costumes, decorations and props. Second for rehearsal of performance. We invite local people to develop the project.
Official Cardboardia Orchestra premiere "Festival of Imagineers" (Coventry, UK) in September 2017
Official Cardboardia Orchestra summer tour in Arkhangelsk, Russia, International Street Theatre festival, 2018
Types of workshops
Three levels of local community integration. Depending on the needs of particular project we can organize one or all of this workshops.
Maximum Integration

To prepare the project and make a bigger scale Official Cardboardia Orchestra we organize workshops for adults. Workshop takes place daily, up to 8 hours a day, during the whole period of preparation (it could be from 4 days)
It has two modules: "Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances" and "Street performance and communication with the public for beginners". This type of workshop mostly addresses to local artists, designers, performers, beginners or experienced and who want to obtain new experience of making a performance from scratch.
Public workshop for a family audience
During preparation stage we organize a set of open events for family audience, no specific skills needed to take part in it. During this workshop curators will explain rules of safety and basic techniques of working with cardboard. Participants will make cardboard instruments and costumes. under the guidance of our curators.
Workshop can consists of sets, lasting 1-3 hours, for a group of people or it can be a whole day lasting, working with a flow of people.
Workshop as a festival venue

Participants create a simple props right on the venue, just before participating in the performance. The workshop can work all day long, it can hold from 10 up to 150 people at a time. One set lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Components of Perfomance
Depending on the needs of particular project we can organize one or all of this types of public perfomance.
The rehearsal is an integral part of the orchestra, and can actually become a full-fledged performance as well. The instruments made by cardboard are similar to the analogs, but it is not meant that they can reproduce the sounds. The task of the team is to explain the audience the principles of how it works and encourage them and the task of the owners of the instruments is to get used to the image of his creation and turn into a musical instrument, reproducing the voice of his sound.
Interactive performance
The orchestra can't have a clear structure, plan and division into spectators and artists. It consists of a single space where everyone can be at the same time performer and spectator. At any time, passers-by can join the show. Conductor doesn't have music education, artists can only scream. Based on chaos, Official Cardboardia Orchestra unites strangers on the background of shared stupidity.
It is able to make so that people far from the art,are able to feel the creators of the masterpiece. Orchestra combines audience and performers in one organism and makes it organically. Performance can consists of sets, lasting up to 2 hours, at indoor or outdoor venue
Official Cardboardia Orchestra can be a walking orchestra! It can join a parade or made a parade itself, with big mobile cardboard objects, stilt-walkers, confetti-cannons, musicians, or accompanied by Ambox (electric hurdy-gurdy).
Official Cardboardia Orchestra can be converted to walkabout performance as well around the festival, during walk we can form bigger or smaller orchestra.
First time "Official Cardboardia Orchestra" was setup as part of"Festival of Imagineers" (Coventry, UK) in September 2017
At the invitation of Imagineer Productions (UK) and with the support of Moat House Community Trust (UK).
Official Cardboardia Orchestra was nominated for The Sergey Kuryokhin Award
Among 8 projects in the nomination "art in public places"
Participated in XXIV International Street Theatre Festival
in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 2018
Had a summer tour in Russia and UK
In the south of France and in Slough, UK
Combines different types of art
music, design, performing art
Contains of different types of activity
performance, workshop, walkabout show, procession
Art is available for everyone
it's not necessary to have any specific skills to participate the project
Unites different people
Suits for people of all ages, professions
Official Cardboardia Orchestra is an artistic and social project, that proofs that art could be available for everyone. It is aimed to find a new tools of communication and joint creation.
In the modern life with its incredibly fast rhythm it's difficult to establish strong stable relations. The world becomes a space of singles. Orchestra creates a possibility for unification for different people, awaken their creative potential.
The project "Official Cardboardia Orchestra" is aimed to the restoration of the Institute of neighborhood and integration of local communities with the help of creativity, combining music and art in an unusual form.
The objective of the project is to organize a Cardboardia Orchestra, the creation of which involved local residents and artists. The process of creativity might become a condition under which strangers, united for the sake of common cause, embarked on the path of forming a strong local community.

General requirements
Cardboardia team is usually about 4-8 people. Depend of scale of project. 1-2 people from Russia and others members of Cardboardia community from Europe.
We can make a performance indoor or outdoor, for workshop we need indoor place or a tent/marquee with an access to electricity and water.
We need to come for 2-5 days for setup in tent/venue. Depend of details of needed decorations. We bring some props/decoration and we build something on site as well
We need from 50 big sheets of cardboard to build big scale decorations.
Who are we and what do we do?
Cardboardia is an independent community of artists, performers, event-managers and specialists in different areas of humanitarian knowledge around the world. It was founded in 2007 and since then its leader Sergey Korsakov, journalist, 'Foolosopher' and producer, has together with his colleagues been developing Cardboardia in different directions and expanding its activities. Today the community has three permanent embassies - one in Moscow, Russia, where it was set up, one in Hebden Bridge, UK and one in Riga, Latvia, and a lot of mobile embassies around Russia, Poland, Denmark, Taiwan, Greece, Finland and Slovakia.
Cardboardia is a research project exploring topical social questions. Today, one of the most important matters is how to communicate in our modern fast changing world. Cardboardia offers opportunities for people to meet and to build relationships through art and creativity, thus producing alternative platforms for cooperation. It shares its ideas with local communities and in different ways it helps them to establish, or reestablish conditions for collaboration, for celebration and perhaps even preservation of a local sense of community or neighborhood. In a world of more and more possibilities for increased mobility and the globalization of information, people are also searching for new forms of community building, based not on territory or just some interest that might unite them, but on new forms of integration and community yet to be found.
Cardboardia supports the creative economy implementing new intellectual achievements in its activity.
Travelling around the world we studying local communities, focusing on small towns and villages. We integrate into local communities to better understand their particularities and to understand their self-identification. Usually we do a public event: festival, interactive street performance, sometimes we make a venue as a part of a festival, but all this events are preceded by a set of workshops with local people , we are developing the concept of the project and making the script and create content of event, together we build decorations and props.
Every Cardboardia programme gives an opportunity to try out new creative ideas and 'get out of the comfort zone', learn unusual skills and in the process make new friends. Anyone can experience different forms of art, such as theatre, music, performance and architecture in new and interactive ways.
Tyran of Cardboardia
Sergey Korsakov
+7 968 942 69 95 (whatsapp, telegram)